What We Do

Make Your Water Pure

Our Ultra Pure team can handle any water issue you have. Our professional team has been trained in a variety of water testing such as hardness, chlorine, iron levels, pH balance, and more.

Free Water Analysis​

Want to know more about the water in your area? Go to Department of Environmental Protection to find out how you can participate in the Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP)

Contaminant Prevention

How Safe is Your Drinking water? Does it meet EPA standards for safety? We can prevent contaminants in your water that affect health over time, especially for babies and pregnant women.

Healthy Living Demo

Ultra Pure would like to demonstrate to you how Ultra Pure technology along with the practice of some healthy habits that we have developed will help you live a healthier life.

Our Mission

Ultra Pure is an organization in New Jersey dedicated to helping our customer live a healthier, happier, and more affordable lifestyle through quality products that will not only last a lifetime, but can be passed on for generations. We demonstrate excellence in customer service by establishing a committed, professionally supported, one-to-one relationship between our customer and their marketing representative.