Enjoy Clean Water

Consider a whole-house water filtration system

Did you know that harmful chemicals like PFOS and PFOA may be in your drinking water? If you want to remove them, turn to Ultra Pure for a whole-house water filtration system. We can come to your home to test your water and see which system is right for you.

Rely on us for your water purifier because we:

  • Educate our customers
  • Provide expert opinions and creativity
  • Want to keep everyone safe from forever chemicals
  • Have served 25,000 customers since 1982

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Focus on you and your family's health

We can provide a full range of services to help improve your well-being. Turn to us if you want cleaner air and safer water. Let's upgrade your daily life with a new:

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Remove harmful chemicals from your water

Don't risk drinking harmful chemicals. Get a purifier installed at the sink for your home or apartment to make sure your are drinking purified and filtered water. Avoid absorbing harmful chemicals and get a whole house water filtration system installed in your home or we can help you with a shower filtration system in your apartment. Dealing with hard water and calcium build up in your plumbing, faucets, shower heads, and appliances...we can provide you with a water conditioning and/or softening system to start saving you money. We have solutions that work! We can also install individual shower filters, drinking filters, and more to fit the needs in your home or apartment.

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